Options and Choices

We recognize finding yourself with an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy maybe an emotional and difficult time in your life. There are various options available for which you probably need guidance in some manner. What is important is that you explore all options and make the choice that is right for you.

Keeping the child and attempting to raise the child on your own is one option. Various factors that come into play are whether the birth father will be supportive of the plan, both emotionally and financially; whether you have unfilled plans for educational, career or personal goals; or whether you’re just not in the right place in your life to raise a child on your own.

Abortion is another option which maybe fine for some but not others. It is often controversial due to long term emotional feelings by birth parents and their families that surface over time.

Adoption is a time honored option which has existed for many years. In many peoples opinion Adoption is a “win, win” situation for everyone in the process.

It is a “win” for the birth parents, because they can proceed with their goals and dreams in life well knowing they made the best choice for their child.

It is a “win” for the adoptive parents, for they have received the ultimate and most selfless gift of love, an opportunity (one they otherwise might never have) from birth parents, to provide for, nurture and love a child.

It also is a “win” for the child, to be raised in a loving family and have opportunities that they might not otherwise have had if not for their adopted family.

All the choices are yours and you can make that decision based upon sharing your thoughts, dreams and concerns with the adoptive parents of you’re choosing. Our law firm will arrange for counselors of your choice to make this important decision for you and your child’s lives.

Perhaps of comfort to you by law financial assistance can be provided to you by the adoptive parents during the pregnancy. Specifically the adoptive parents may help support your living expenses for food, maternity clothing, shelter, counseling, your attorney’s fees, medical, hospital expenses, transportation and other related costs approved by a court. All this will be mutually decided thereupon with advice from your legal counsel and made part of your adoption plan.