Qualifications & Experience


Mr. Miskowski co-authored with Harriet Dinegar Milks, Esq. a Treatise on New Jersey Adoption Law, which was published in the New Jersey Practice Series on the Internet by the West Publishing Group. They also authored an annotation entitled “Wrongful Adoption Causes of Action Against Adoption Agencies, Where Children Have Developed Mental and/or Physical Problems that are Misrepresented or Not Disclosed to Adoptive Parents, (75 ALR 5 Edition, 1999).” This authoritative annotation has been cited in published opinions by the United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, and the Court of Appeals in Wisconsin.

The firm also authored a Treatise together with Kenneth C. Kenney PhD. MSW “Strategies for Adoption” setting forth the legal and psychological aspects of the Adoption Process for Adoptive Parents which was published throughout yht adoption community. Also published was an Article entitled “New Jersey Legislation Balances Rights and Obligations in Contested Adoptions” which was the basis of an article written by the New Jersey Supreme Court regarding birth fathers’ rights under the new amendments to the Adoption Act. Published in the New Jersey Law Journal, 2001.